Company 'panacea biotec' represents the second youth of macrolids

The first antibiotic of the group of macrolids is eritromycin, received in 1952, to this day it is widely applied in medical practice. Increasing of the interest to macrolids and, accordingly expansion of sphere of their use has taken place in 70 - 80 years, after opening such pathogenic microorganisms, as mycoplasma, clamydia, legionella. It has served one of stimulus for the development of new antibiotics of the class of macrolid with improved in comparison with eritromycin pharmacokinetic and microbiological properties, and also more favorable structure of tolerance.

BD-ROCS (roxithromycin) is modern semisynthetic antibiotic of the group of microlids, manufactures of the company "Panacea Biotec" which in comparison with eritromycin has wide spectrum of action and high efficiency. Antibacterial action of BD-ROCS is directed on many gram-positive, gram-negative, anaerobic organisms, and also microplasma, clamydia, Rickettsia, toxoplasm and ureaplasma concerning which few antibiotics are active only.

Most widely microlids are applied at infections of respiratory tract. They are effective at 80 - 90% of patients with bronchitis, acute otitis media, sinusitis, tonsilofaringit and community-acquired pneumonia . When it is not possible to identify the activator of the infection, microlids are more often, than b-lactam antibiotics render therapeutic effect. The results of comparative controlled clinical researches testify, that macrolids do not concede, and in some cases - surpass in clinical efficiency antibiotics for peroral application of some other classes (ampicillin, amoxicilin, ciprofloxacin, doxicycline) at patients with community-acquired pneumonia (Gialdroni Grassi G., Grassi C., 1997). High efficiency of microlids at infections of respiratory tract is caused, first, by that they have antibacterial activity concerning the majority of activators of respiratory diseases, second, ability to create high concentration in the center of inflammation and, thirdly, that their action is directed also on antipic agent. Development by some microorganisms b-lactam, that is caused by their resistance to aminopenicilin, does not influence on efficiency of the preparation BD-ROCS concerning these activators. Microlids are the preparations of a choice for the treatment clamydia infections of the top respiratory tract at children including newborn.

Due to a wide antibacterial spectrum of action and ability to penetrate inside of cells roxitromicin is examined as an antibiotic shown for treatment of infections, transmitted by sexual way (except for gonococcal) urethritis, prostatitis, cervicitis, salpingitis, especially caused by clamidias.

Besides, BD-ROCS is applied at treatment of infection disease of skin and soft tissues which reason of development are activators sensitive to the preparation.

Advantages of so-called new microlids, in particular of the preparatopn BD-ROCS, consists, first, in their best tolerance by the patients, and, second, in the greater duration of their action that provides convenience of application - 1-2 times per day.

One of defects of microlids is that they collapse under the influence of a hydrochloric acid of gastric juice. BD-ROCS has increased acid-stability and it is well soaked up at peroral reception. Reception of food slows down the speed of soaking up roxitromicine, but it does not influence on the volume of absorbtion (Guay D., 1996). Macrolids concern to one of the groups of the most safe antibiotics that very seldom causing development of serious side effects (Strachunsky L., Kozlov C., 1997).Side reactions at reception of the preparation BD-ROCS arise only in 3 - 4 cases, and as a rule, and it does not require its canceling The most typical side effects of mocrolids are pain in the stomach, the nusea and vomiting. Roxithromycin in comparison with eritromycin and oleandomycin causes less development of dyspeptic effect (Strachunsky L., Kozlov C., 1997).

BD-ROCS is contra-indicated to the patients with allergy to it or another macrolids.

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