The history of Rainbow started soon after the downfall of the iron curtain from ex USSR, and can be dated even few years back to 1989, when the founder of the company Mr. Shashi Bhushan Saurabh, started to work in the field of medicines with few manufacturers and supplied medicines to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and other organizations.

The immense experience in this field and radical changes in the market bounded him to organize such a structure after the disintegration of USSR, and hence the firm Rainbow Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated with the local authorities in Ukraine on 19.10.1993.

From this date only the foundation of today's giant wholesale distributor of Ukraine was put and then it started with an initial staff of four people only.

The date in our history is noted with the immense support of Dee Pharma Ltd., India, which supported our founder with its full production capabilities and formulations and about 70 products were registered in the new born market of Ukraine.

Despite the adverse inflation tendencies of the Ukrainian market, despite the instability, and ever changing rules and regulations of our newly born country, presently Rainbow Pvt. Ltd., is among the few leading distributors of Ukraine.

Today the company is enjoying a respectable place with more then 100 people putting their maximum efforts in its progress, with its branches in all the major cities and states of Ukraine.

The network of Rainbow Pvt. Ltd. enables us to reach even deep in to the remote areas of the country and give an efficient service to the retailers, and hence serve the people of Ukraine in taking timely care of there health.

Since then the company Rainbow Pvt. Ltd. has not seen any hurdles, in progress and almost every year the new manufacturers are joining hands with our company and introducing their formulations in the market.

Prominent Yearly Growth:

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