Custom warehouse   (2010-04-27)

(Article in newspaper “Apteka”)

Rainbow Pharma Ltd. announces about opening of new custom warehouse.


Rainbow Pharma Ltd is a subsidiary of distribution company Rainbow Ltd. provides services of custom warehouse since May 2010. This significant event marked the beginning of the development of new business and greatly increased range of activities in what direction the company Rainbow Ltd. sees great prospects. Correspondent of “Weekly Apteka” was among the first lucky enough to visit the new custom warehouse and assess the benefits of its location - in close proximity to major road and Kiev Airport. The start of new beginnings tell Saurabh Shashi Bhushan (S.Sh.B.) director “Rainbow Pharma Ltd.” Ahmad Rizwan (A.R.) head of marketing department, Sletlana Stefanovich (S.S.) administrator of custom warehouse and Valentina Linchuk (V.L.) lead pharmacist.


Tell us how the idea of creating of custom warehouse and development of this business?

S.Sh.B.: Rainbow Ltd. is working on pharmaceutical Ukrainian market more than 16 years. Relying on such a large experience easier to keep abreast of trends, calculate its action on the front and see the future of development. Thoroughly study the market and its peculiarities we found it useful to provide a stand-alone line of business as the provision of customs licensing services. For this purpose was created highly specialized enterprise Rainbow Pharma Ltd. Today the provision of customs licensing services is a much needed service. Custom license warehouse intended for storage of those goods which were imported into the country but for some reason can not go directly to customs clearance and be released into free circulation. For example, when not fully formalized documentation. In addition sometimes spend customs clearance with the payment of all taxes and fees are not rationally because the buyer on the delivered goods has not yet found.

We are proud to announce the fact that Rainbow Pharma Ltd. meets all the requirements of storage of pharmaceutical products and has already put into operation. No doubt this strategically important step opens up new prospects and will significantly expand its customer base attracting new partners. in providing custom license services high level of service have an important role coordinated teamwork. I would like to mention that we appreciate the contribution of each employee in common cause and provide opportunities for career growth. So a new warehouse led Svetlana Stefanovich who gained valuable experience in the logistics service company.


as is well known for customers who use the services of custom license warehouse is especially important territorial accommodation. Tell us about the location and benefits custom license warehouse Rainbow Pharma Ltd.”.

A.R.: Really convenient location of custom license warehouse is strategically important factor. Custom license warehouse “Rainbow Pharma Ltd.” has a huge advantage with respect to this criterion: it's located in the city Kiev in close proximity to major road Kiev – Borispol. We hope that such an advantageous location, which is one of the primary assets of custom license warehouse “Rainbow Pharma Ltd.” will be appreciated by our partners. Indeed, thanks to this you can speed up the process of customs clearance - at the expense of ease of accessibility of basic customs cargo divisions of Kiev. It should be noted that in addition to good road transport interchange is also possible to deliver cargo by rail, which greatly enhance the ability of clients.


S.S.: “Rainbow Ltd.” initially has its own drug stores, at the design stage which took into account all the specific needs of the pharmaceutical business, and also provides an opportunity of custom license warehouse at its base. Today “Rainbow Pharma Ltd.” opened the custom license warehouse with area about 800 m2 (in this case area of the refrigeration unit is about 60 m2), which is calculated on 780 pallets and is located in Kiev. Given the characteristics of a pharmaceutical warehouse, increased attention to the ventilation system and air-conditioning and control of optimal temperature. Custom license warehouse equipped with modern loading and unloading equipment and video surveillance system. We offer a wide range of services for cargo handling and documentation, among which may be highlighted such as the well-established logistics (delivery of cargo to / from airport "Borispol "); storage, customs clearance, assistance in dealing with issues related to licensing documentation in the health system and the optimization of customs charges, etc. In this case, adopting a long-term experience and traditions ‘Rainbow Ltd "to work with clients, we are focused on building long-term partnerships. This contributes to an individual approach to clients that, allowing insight into a specific situation and find an optimal solution in each case. An important advantage is the fact that minimum order size for placing the goods is not strictly fixed. We pay special attention to development and planning Individual logistics solutions. In addition, among our strengths - the weighted price policy, designed to make collaboration as beneficial to both parties.


What are the features of custom license warehouse storage of pharmaceutical products?


V.L.: First of all, it is strict adherence to sanitary and hygiene: ensure the optimal temperature conditions (including drugs, which require special storage conditions), as well as humidity and ventilation. From the heights of his more than 50 years of experience I can say with certainty that the introduction of automated systems for monitoring climate has greatly facilitated the work of a senior pharmacist. On “Rainbow Pharma Ltd” set modern equipment, to minimize the human impact. That is why the full service warehouse can provide a total of 12 employees. We are pleased to announce that the new custom license warehouse, which is located in the city Kiev, is ready to receive cargo. With years of experience and a reputation as a reliable partner, we follow the motto "All for the client, establishing new business contacts.

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